Jurassic Park

The story of these hard rock fossils started in the early 70's, when four young Dutch guys, inspired by bands like
Black Sabbath, Montrose and Led Zeppelin decided to form a band called "Frankenstein".
From the start it had a ‘bad reputation’ for it's spectacular loud shows all over Holland .
Not to mention the big truck, loaded with a huge amount of sound- and light equipment and a dedicated road crew.
It was clear that
Frankenstein was serious business.
The absolute climax of their fame was a gig together with
Motörhead in 1980, broadcasted live on Dutch television!

About 20 years later Frankenstein’s founder, guitarist and spin doctor Berthus Westerhuis,
who stayed in the music business as producer and engineer at his own recording studio,
was asked to play with some friends at a local festival, ‘just for fun’.
It was a great success and soon there were plans for a
Frankenstein reunion
which took place in 2010 for an outrageous crowd of more than 1500 people!
Westerhuis was ‘back on the street’, and formed an old school hard rock band with vintage musicians:
"Jurassic Park"

On bass Roelof Kloeze, Berthus’ ‘partner in crime’ and Frankenstein’s co-founder,
always easy going with an unique and original hard rock feel.
Singer John Scholing is a real front man; with his absolute unique energetic style of performing,
he keeps the audience (and the band!) very busy.
John was former front man of the legendary Dutch hard rock band
"Stranger" which played for over 10 years,
supported bands like
Venom and Motorhead and made a successful album.
On drums hard hitter Hans Spijker (est. 1968). He is the Benjamin of JP and also member of
"Dead Head",
one of Holland's finest thrash metal bands. 

A Jurassic Park show is a real experience of 100% pure massive hard rock 'n' roll.
They still play the old Frankenstein classics of the seventies, supplemented with brand new Jurassic songs
and old school hard rock covers from Black Sabbath, Montrose and many more.
The over the top backline of Marshall stacks, creating a huge wall, is still their trade mark.
Jurassic Park is a well conserved pre-historic secret of mature musical craftsmanship and a big taste of humor!